What is a Buchty?

Contrary to popular belief, Czech pastries are not all about kolaches. In fact, when we went to the Czech Republic we could nary find a small, American-style kolache anywhere. We did happen upon what we think of as “our” kolaches in a bakery in Litomysl. Yet, most kolache pastries we found were the size of a pizza and more like a tart.

I belong to a Facebook group, Bohemians in America. I monitor the group as discussions vary from anything from interpreting manuscripts and letters from ancestors (which one member did very nicely for me!), discussing Czech traditions and of course, food.

During the Christmas holiday, Vanocka was the hot pastry for the season. I made one test Vanocka. It went into the oven quite lovely but I forgot to pin down the braids and it exploded a bit. Seems to be a habit of mine.

Someone later posted a buchty and I thought, this little treat might be a good addition to the kolaches. I had never seen or heard of them before so I thought I would give them a try. They came out quite lovely!

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Per Wikipedia, buchties are sweet yeast rolls that are filled with jam, ground poppy seeds or curd and baked in a large pan so that they stick together. I do this with my kolaches. The dough has less sugar than kolaches and has vanilla and lemon zest or almond flavoring in it. The traditional buchty is filled with a plum jam. You can eat them topped with vanilla sauce or powdered sugar but just plain and warm is quite nice too. I was shocked at how good an almond buchty is!

The origin of the Buchteln is the region of Bohemia, but they play a major part in the Austrian, Slovak, Slovenian, and Hungarian cuisine too.

Depending on the region or country, buchties have different names.

Bavaria  – Rohrnudeln

Slovenian  – Buhteljni

Serbian  – buhtle or buhtla

Hungarian  – bukta

Kajkavian  – buhtli

Croatian  – buhtle 

Polish –  buchta

Czech  – buchty or buchta or buchtičky or buchtička.

What to try a Buchty? Get started with your dozen today! Click here to get started!