Kolache FAQs

Kolache FAQs

 Why do you not ship outside of Colorado? As an operator under the Colorado Cottage Food Act, I can only sell home-baked goods directly to consumers in Colorado. Customers make pick up. Shipping inside of Colorado is coming soon!

Why do you not make sausage kolaches (klobasnek)? Under the CCFA, products must be shelf-stable at room temperature. The CCFA specifically prohibits the sale of home-baked goods that include a meat, sausage, jerky, etc.

What makes your kolaches unique? Kolaches are a marriage of the finest dough and the best fillings. Dough is a living creature. Bakers create fabulous culinary works of art with yeast, flour, sugar, salt, a liquid, and fats. Time is the quality ingredient for the kolache dough. My dough experiences multiple risings during which time there are various ingredients added throughout each rising process. It’s important not to overwork the dough and create a tough kolache!  Not a good thing!

How did you learn to make kolaches? Both my grandmothers made kolaches – one was Czech and one was German. My mother made kolaches too. I use my Grandma Sophie’s recipe though! In addition, my sister and brother both make kolaches and gave me the best tips – especially in regards to the yeast, the type of pan, and consistency of the dough.

What is your mission? Sharing my heritage on a small plate for others to enjoy.